By Purkeys | Apr 18, 2014




Fleets are often in a situation where AC power is not available to charge pallet jacks while the truck is on the road. For long trips, this presents a serious situation, as pallet jacks are dead when the driver reaches delivery destinations.

Purkeys developed an electronic controller system, known as the TAPS Kit (Trailer Auxiliary Power System), that took the DC power from the tractor and converted it to AC power in the trailer to charge the pallet jack. This system was a convenient fix for the fleet and the driver as it:

  • Utilized free energy to keep pallet jack batteries charged
  • Charged the pallet jack only when the tractor was running
  • Turned off the charge when the tractor was not running
  • Did not damage tractor batteries
  • Eliminated or reduced the need for warehouse space to charge pallet jack
  • Only required the driver to utilize the in-trailer AC charger built into the pallet jack

The TAPS Kit allowed the fleet to have confidence in scheduling deliveries over a long period of time without concerns of charging the pallet jack. A convenient solution to a complicated problem.

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