After nearly 20 years at their current site in Rogers, Purkeys Fleet Electric is relocating to a custom-renovated, 17,000-square-foot building in Lowell.

“A few years ago, we realized that we were quickly running out of room. We were able to move our production operations to a building across the street, which was great, but eventually communication started suffering, and the setup didn’t gel as well as we had hoped,” said Owner Bruce Purkey. “At our new headquarters, we’ll have real office space for the first time and an actual conference room.”

Aesthetics and space aside, Purkey’s customers will reap the biggest number of benefits.

“For carriers who pick up and drop off freight, our current facility is a pain to get into,” said Purkey. “Our new location is more accessible, with a freight entrance, double dock spaces, and no more residential streets to navigate.”

Another benefit is that each component will be placed exactly where it needs to be—air hoses, electrical outlets, production modules, inventory space—in the necessary quantities. For the customer, this means more flexibility, quicker reaction time and better communication. The additional new work areas will house more technical experts. Daily business operations will also see an improvement, as plans are also being made to hire more employees to meet the increasing demand.

Construction on the new building, located at 823 S. Lincoln in Lowell (at the corner of Lincoln St. and Apple Blossom Ave.) began the last weekend of July. They hope to be up and running at the new site in early December, with very little to no gap in production.

“All of our current employees are excited to be under one roof, in a larger and more professional space,” said Purkey. We’re very proud of our new location and look forward to sharing it with our customers.”