Last year, Purkeys did business in a facility that was split between two buildings. This move brought the Purkeys team together under one roof and brought communication to a new level. The space was designed with our dedication to deliver the best quality and our focus on ISO compliance procedures in mind. From the warehouse to the office to the break room, we have increased our space, efficiency, and response time.

The bright look and extra space delivers a new energy to the Purkeys staff and this energy will certainly convert to the electrical needs of our clients. Why is this important? Because growth in space indicates a growth in business. And if Purkeys is growing, the trucking industry is growing with it. But this new building is just the beginning, and Purkeys groundbreaking developments for the trucking industry will surely continue this progress into the future.

These innovations include solutions such as our patented Purkeys Liftgate Charging Systems and Lighting in a Box Jumpstart Machine to services such as our total battery maintenance programs and technical training.