Double Check Liftgate Charging System Tester


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The Liftgate Double Check is an easy way to test the operation of a liftgate charging system (as long as it uses a 20 amp DC/DC converter for charging) and source vehicle to ensure that both charging system and vehicle are operating properly.

The source vehicle does not have to be present to test the liftgate charging system—any temporary 12 volt power source may be used (i.e. car, pick-up, service vehicle).

Our 20 Amp Applied Load module is included with the Double Check and allows technicians to perform load tests on vehicles to ensure the tractor has sufficient energy to charge the liftgate batteries.


  • Diagnoses liftgate charging system issues
  • Uses any vehicle as a power source
  • Tests tractor and trailer electrical systems separately
  • Shows if power connections are good using easy-to-read LED indicators
  • Measures amount of current being pulled by the liftgate charging system

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 11 in


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