1500 Pure Sine with Controller


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Our 1500 watt pure sine wave DC to AC inverters use patent-pending DynaBalance™ monitoring technology to balance the needs of the driver with the needs of the vehicle. It estimates the battery state of charge, even under load, based on voltage and current rather than relying solely on voltage, giving a more accurate reading of the actual state of the battery. When the state of charge has dropped to a predetermined set point, the inverter will shut off to ensure the tractor batteries do not discharge too deeply.

This ensures that drivers can enjoy their home conveniences as long as possible and still start their truck in the morning!

The inverter includes our DynaBalance-enabled controller with a predetermined low voltage disconnect shut-off voltage, fault detection, and available battery indication. The controller can be located remotely from the inverter, or can be mounted on the inverter itself (includes 1 ft and 8 ft controller cable options).

The inverter has 3 AC power outlets and 2 USB charging ports.

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