Eliminating the Challenge of Matching Tractors to Liftgate Trailers

One major challenge with charging liftgate batteries is the coordination required by fleets to match the appropriate tractor with the liftgate trailer. As liftgates become more popular for freight delivery, solving this issue is critical in order to maintain fleet productivity.

Since liftgates require tractors outfitted with stinger cords to charge the liftgate batteries, an inappropriate match between the tractor and liftgate trailer would cause the liftgate batteries to run out of charge while on the road. Typically within a fleet’s trailer portfolio, there is a mixture of trailers with and without liftgates. Ensuring the appropriate tractor was matched with the liftgate trailer became problematic.

“It was an operational nightmare to keep tractors and trailers matched,” says Bruce Purkey, founder and chief creative engineer at Purkeys. “At the end of the day, it didn’t matter whose fault it was that the liftgate batteries weren’t charged, the liftgate simply wouldn’t run. That’s when you knew you had an operational issue.”

Purkeys is able to provide a solution called the TC-6 Kit that not only resolves the issue of tractor and liftgate trailer matching, but is also a noninvasive solution to implement. The TC-6 Kit pulls power from the tractor’s aux pin of the 7-way cord used to power the trailer’s lighting and ABS brakes. When the brakes are not being used, the TC6-Kit is charging the liftgate batteries. When brakes are applied the charging is turned off, and instantly the ABS has full uninterrupted power to control the brakes. This application eliminates the need for a separate stinger cord on the tractor for charging the liftgate batteries, thus resolving any issue of matching specific tractors to trailers with liftgates.

The TC-6 Kit is an easy and cost effective system to install, adds total flexibility to operations, does not impact the ABS system, and does not require the driver to take any extra steps to charge the liftgate batteries. Problem solved.

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