Justin Purkey, age 37, has been officially named the Chief Executive Officer of Purkeys after being part of the business for over four years. His transition to this

leadership role has allowed the technical experts to focus on what is important—developing custom solutions to solve client’s problems, selecting the right equipment for their specific uses, and providing exceptional training and tools to better manage their electrical systems.

Justin earned his BA in Economics from The George Washington University and his MBA from the University of Arkansas. When he started at Purkeys four years ago, they had 14 employees. Since then, Purkeys has grown to more than 40 employees, expanded locations twice and more than doubled the overall revenue as they broadened their customer base.

Justin hopes to continue this growth by sticking to the Purkeys mission of being a great partner. This applies to all areas of the business; clients, vendors, and staff. Being a great partner means helping clients solve their challenges and increasing their bottom lines by utilizing Purkeys’ expertise and electrical innovations. Partnering with vendors to increase efficiencies with products and working to ensure that they meet client’s demand. He wants Purkeys to continue to be a great place to work, and each staff member is a partner in the business all working toward a single goal.

Utilizing his background and business consulting expertise, he hopes to continue increasing Purkeys’ efficiency so the staff can focus on doing what they do best taking care of clients and improving the industry. It is Justin’s focus to continually give back to the industry and push the envelope on developing new electrical innovations.