Purkeys Fleet Electric provides a full-service battery maintenance program. They don’t just sell batteries to the trucking industry. Unlike other companies, Purkeys makes the industry better with superior products, services, and maintenance training.

There are many places that sell batteries, but Purkeys Fleet Electric is unique in that it provides the opportunity to invest in your fleet and maintain that investment for as long as possible. To ensure maximum battery life, Purkeys educates maintenance technicians to properly maintain and test their batteries.

Jerel Ellis, Purkeys Director of Customer Service explains, “We’re not just looking to sell them batteries so we make money; we want to help them save money and use as few batteries as possible.”

This long term investment doesn’t just extend the life of your batteries, but it improves the position of your company. When a truck driver is forced to replace batteries on the road, it costs the fleet time and money. When a maintenance technician has to constantly replace parts rather than conserving the life of his products, he wastes time and money.

Money and time are luxuries the trucking industry does not have. The job of a fleet is to deliver goods as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, and with Purkeys top of the line products, education and training, this goal becomes reality.

“We want them to use less batteries,” Ellis explains. “That’s the difference.”