Solar Dash Counters Parasitic Load

Looking for solar solutions that will maximize the efficiency of your fleet? Allow us to introduce you to the Solar Dash. The Solar Dash is Purkeys’ solar charging system that…
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Reefer Enhancement Module

Purkeys’ Reefer Enhancement Module works with any of the Select™ liftgate charging systems. It allows the Select to use the trailer refrigeration units as an optional power source to charge…
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Stroke Prevention for Truckers

Staying healthy as a truck driver isn’t easy, especially when a large portion of your day involves keeping yourself and your cargo safe in stressful driving conditions and dealing with…
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Fuse Basics

Common questions about fuses include, “What is a fuse?” and “How do I know if my fuse is blown? Basically, a fuse is a protective electronic component in a circuit,…
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