By Purkeys | Nov 20, 2017


Last week, Bruce Purkey continued his winter preparation webinar series by sharing with us some tips and best practices for readying liftgate systems for winter.

In his webinar, Bruce gave a simple, three-step process for preparing liftgate charging systems for winter:

  1. Test the Batteries
    • Make sure the OCV is 12.4 volts or higher.
    • Take the cables off the battery posts.
    • Clean the lead pad area.
    • Install lead adaptors.
    • Use a good battery tester and test each battery in the box.
    • Keep good batteries and replace defective ones.
  2. Test the Charging System to the Liftgate Batteries
    • Use an adaptor that allows you to connect to the liftgate batteries.
    • When using a DC/DC converter, use the Purkeys bypass adaptor.
    • Pull a 20-amp load for the liftgate batteries and measure the voltage at the liftgate and at the front at the same time. You are allowed a two-volt drop.
    • If circuit passes, move on. If circuit fails, repair the circuit.
  3. Test the DC/DC Converter
    • Use a voltmeter to determine the OCV of the liftgate batteries.
    • Use a clip-on ammeter around the charging cable from the DC/DC converter.
    • Plug in the charging cable from the tractor and start the tractor.
    • You will see the voltage rise and current flow.

To view the complete webinar and see step-by-step pictures of the three-step process, you can access the on-demand version here. Just enter your name and email for free access.

Have any questions about preparing your heavy-duty vehicle for winter? Let us know in the comments below!