By Purkeys | Apr 20, 2015



There are two ways to maintain a heavy-duty vehicle: preventative maintenance and road calls. By performing a high-level preventative maintenance test of a vehicle ’s electrical system regularly, fleets can resolve issues before they result in road calls.

Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe demonstrates the first steps for a PM test on a truck’s electrical system. Prior to the test, the technician enters information when prompted by the tester. It is important to check for good connections and signs of damage before running the test. By looking at all the external components technicians may be able to find the issue before ever running the rest of the test.

Road calls are expensive and keep trucks off the road. By performing an electrical preventative maintenance test, they can confirm that the system is operating as it should. Avoid road calls and save money by adding PM tests to regularly scheduled maintenance.

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