By Purkeys | Jan 17, 2017

One of the many functions of the Multimeter included in Purkeys’ Electrical Tool Kit is the continuity test mode. Using this setting, technicians are able to test the circuit for a stable connection and eliminate continuity as a possible problem with the system.

While continuity test mode is a helpful function, it does have its limitations. Once the continuity has been checked, ensuring that the entire circuit is in good shape is essential. Using a voltmeter to test for voltage drop is a good way to diagnose circuit health once continuity is established.

A multimeter’s continuity test mode can tell you that a circuit is closed and complete, but doesn’t tell you much about the system’s quality. A circuit with good continuity may still have issues like voltage drop, stemming from simple problems such as a frayed wire. This is why sufficient multimeter training is important in avoiding oversights in circuit diagnostics.

Did this training video help you better understand continuity testing as a function of your multimeter? Are you looking for more advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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