Park the Vehicle, Plug in the Solar Dash, Get Solar Energy.

Solar Dash 01

Comes with a 20 W solar panel, conversion controller, and an adapter that plugs directly into a 20 amp plug in the vehicle cab. All you have to do is place the panel on the dashboard and let it absorb solar energy. Easily transfers from vehicle to vehicle!

The Dash is perfect for:

The Solar Dash has a 20 W solar panel that works with a Purkeys’ Controller to help keep batteries at a good state of charge when vehicles sit for long periods of time.

It comes in two variations, depending on your desired application:

Dealerships who have vehicles sitting on the lot for long periods of time

Fleets that have issues with no start situations

Any fleet combatting parasitic load drains on vehicle batteries

Comes with a 20 W solar panel, conversion controller, and ring terminals that connect to any battery that has studs. Applications could include reefer batteries, tractor batteries, dump trailer batteries, or liftgate batteries. To use, attach the ring terminals to the battery and mount the solar panel.

Solar Dash 03

Parasitic loads slowly drain batteries over time. The longer a vehicle sits, the more the batteries drain. Purkeys’ Solar Dash helps maintain the battery state of charge by using solar energy.

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