Use clean/green technology as a supplemental power source to keep batteries topped off and ready to go!


This patent-pending power source helps reduce fuel costs!

The Solar Bolt provides power to the liftgate batteries, whether the vehicle is on or off.

Charging the battery while the vehicle is running reduces the electrical load on the alternator, which in turn reduces the mechanical load on the engine, thereby realizing fuel savings.

Solar Panels

Choose the amount of power you need!

Our 90 W solar panels take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to charge the liftgate batteries.

We understand that every application is different, so our electrical experts will work with you to determine the right number of panels for your fleet.

Solar Panels

Indicator Light

Built-in indicator light shows the status of the liftgate batteries and power source.

When the liftgate battery is over 12.4 V, the Lift Battery LED will blink green. It changes to a solid green when the battery is charging and is over 13.2 V.

Once the battery drops below 12.2 V, the LED will blink orange, indicating that the battery needs to be charged. 

Solar Bolt

Solar Bolt

Indicator Light

How the Solar Bolt Works!

The Solar Bolt charge controller was designed specifically to integrate into the electrical system of a heavy-duty vehicle. By choosing the proper amount of panels, you can be sure you're getting the right wattage for your fleet's application.

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