By Purkeys | May 3, 2018


The changing of the seasons is an important time for fleets as they get their trucks ready for the hot summer months. Fleets must ensure that trucks are ready to perform as needed with higher electrical demands and increased summer temperatures. An important step in readying trucks for summer is to ensure that batteries are properly maintained and tested before the season hits.

Driving through the winter months exposes batteries to dirt, ice, snow, and a chemical cocktail of road deicing products. Environmental debris tends to cling to the batteries, leading to various kinds of complications. Dirty batteries can cause inaccurate voltmeter readings and create excessive voltage drop that limits battery ability to take a charge or to supply proper power to the starter when cranking. Also, when batteries are excessively dirty, they can self-discharge through the accumulated contaminates.

To ensure proper battery function, battery cases and their electrical connections must be properly cleaned. Once a battery is cleaned, it needs to be tested following the shop’s set procedures to ensure it is performing correctly. Battery cable connections also need to be cleaned, securely tightened, and protected with an approved product to limit future corrosion.

Ensuring proper battery maintenance is vital in avoiding unnecessary downtime caused by battery issues.

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