By Purkeys | Jul 1, 2015




Anti-idling regulations and higher fuel costs have led to increased demand on heavy-duty vehicle batteries. Electric Auxiliary Power Units allow drivers to operate truck accessories without draining the batteries required for starting. These battery packs are very convenient for over the road drivers, but proper maintenance is required to conserve battery life.

Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe said a battery’s ability to cycle properly is what makes it a good fit for an APU application. Since an electric APU powers hotel loads while the vehicle is turned off, the ability to go through multiple deep cycles without detriment is important.

According to Charley, regular preventative maintenance tests are required to ensure proper battery function. By using battery testers, like the Auto Meter BCT200J or Midtronics EXP-1000, to check a battery’s capacity technicians will regularly see the status of a battery and be able to identify when one is starting to fail.

Preventative maintenance is an easy way to maintain electric APU batteries. This can help extend battery life as well as keep them from failing while on the road.