By Purkeys | Aug 11, 2016

Heavy-duty vehicles are far from simple machines. When they are not working correctly, it can be a challenge to find the source of the issue. Technicians need proper training and tools to do this job.

The Purkeys Electrical Tool Kit gives technicians everything they need to test and diagnose a variety of electrical issues on heavy-duty vehicles. This all-in-one kit comes with a heavy-duty industrial multimeter, clip-on ammeter, a wide-range mini IR thermometer, a bead wire type K temperature probe, and general purpose test leads.


The multimeter is what technicians use the most. Technicians can use this tool for a variety of applications including voltage drop, continuity checks, diode checks, capacity checks, and more.

Clip-on Ammeter

Purkeys Clip-on Ammeter was designed with one purpose, to be an extremely accurate and dependable ammeter that any technician can easily use. It has a 40-amp scale and 400-amp scale.

Infrared Thermometer  

An infrared gun is a very handy tool for technicians. It is useful for load tests on batteries because modern battery testers require temperature input. Without a device like Purkeys infrared gun, a technician would have to estimate the temperature.

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