By Purkeys | Aug 27, 2014



Bruce Purkey, Purkeys Chief Creative Engineer, and Dale Henningson, Quantum Ingenuities’ founder and president, have announced they will be merging into one company under the Purkeys name. The two have worked together to develop custom solutions for fleet electrical needs for over a decade.

Quantum Ingenuities currently builds electronics for proprietary Purkeys systems, such as:

  • Liftgate charging systems
  • Smart inverters
  • Low voltage disconnects
  • Heavy-duty jumpstart machines
  • Data logging devices

Dale Henningson and his engineering team work closely with Purkeys to develop complete solutions which include electronic design, software and firmware development, enclosure design and manufacturing process implementation.

How the two companies work together will not change, but they are expanding what they do. “We are dedicating more resources to engineering and product development,” Dale explains, “and will continue to create innovative products for the trucking industry.”

“We will help fleets save money on their electrical systems by creating more efficient and better integrated systems,” says Dale. One of these developments is just on the horizon. Purkeys is about to launch a new liftgate charging system that will simplify their previous TC line.

Bruce commented, “I’ve never met someone so honest and brilliant. I couldn’t be happier we are working together as a team.” Together the people from the two companies are looking forward to developing bigger and better innovations that will reduce a fleet’s electrical expenses.

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