By Purkeys | May 11, 2016

The right liftgate charging system can add productivity and decrease downtime for fleets. But which system is the right one?

Purkeys will soon release a Liftgate Charging Comparison Tool, which will compare and calculate the best liftgate charging system. It will show which systems meet the needs of fleets with liftgates. The tool will have a step-by-step guide explaining how to enter all required information. This lets Purkeys show fleets which charging systems can put more energy back into the batteries than is being taken out.

The Liftgate Charging Selection Tool looks at the following information:

  • The tractor’s run time, including how long the work day is and how much time the motor is running
  • The number of required lifts in a high-use situation
  • If the fleet loads and unloads heavy pallets, or if they just unload heavy pallets during a day’s work
  • How many stops are made in a day and how many lifts are made during these stops

Knowing all of this lets our tool determine how much energy each liftgate is taking out of the batteries. It calculates the best system to make sure more than enough energy is put back into the liftgate batteries.

“The advantages of having the right Purkeys liftgate charging system is ensuring a well-balanced electrical system, which keeps the liftgate running faster and more reliable,” said Purkeys’ Technical Services Representative Jimmy Fielding.

Are you dealing with liftgate battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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