Product Overview

Purkeys developed the Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter (CAPS™), a portable jumpstart machine, to help fleets jumpstart their vehicles quickly, efficiently, and safely.

This heavy-duty portable battery jumpstarter is great for a variety of applications, but perfect for heavy-duty vehicles.

CAPS power comes from its ultracapacitor; it can store and release the energy needed to jumpstart heavy-duty vehicles, but is smaller than a standard jumpstarter. This makes CAPS a compact jump starter that requires little to no maintenance.

CAPS can jumpstart multiple vehicles in a row without having to recharge in the shop because it can recharge off the vehicle batteries after a successful jumpstart. This makes jumpstarting faster and gets vehicles back on the road quickly.

CAPS Benefits

  • Maneuvers between tight-fitting parking spaces
  • Uses built-in safety module to protect the technician and vehicle
  • Provides built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Includes quality leads with heavy-duty clamps
  • Alerts the user with indicator light when it is safe to perform the jumpstart
  • Performs multiple jumpstarts in a row

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What is the CAPS?

CAPS is an acronym that stands for Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter. The CAPS utilizes an ultracapacitor and Purkeys patented technology to jumpstart any 12 volt vehicle quickly and safely.

What makes the CAPS different from other heavy-duty jumpstart machines?

The CAPS is portable, low maintenance, and low cost. Most heavy-duty jumpstart machines are large and heavy (containing multiple batteries or a gasoline engine), and the gasoline units require maintenance and create harmful exhaust gases. The CAPS uses ultracapacitor technology and a small AGM battery to power the unit, making it powerful enough to crank a heavy-duty engine yet small, portable, and requiring little to no maintenance.

How much does the CAPS weigh?

The CAPS unit, with the cables attached, weighs approximately 81 lbs.

How many jumpstarts can the CAPS do before it needs to charge?

This can vary, based on vehicle cranking demands, but the internal AGM battery can typically provide sufficient power for 10 jumpstarts before needing to be recharged.

How long are the CAPS jumpstart cables?

When the jumpstart cables are connected to the CAPS, the distance from the ground to the end of the clamps is approximately 9’.

How long does it take to recharge the capacitor inside the CAPS after a jumpstart?

This can vary, based upon vehicle cranking demands, but the average recharge time for the capacitor is 3 minutes.

How do I transport the CAPS from one location to another?

The CAPS is contained inside a strong plastic enclosure (22.8” X 18.3” X 11.7”) that has a collapsible handle and two 8” x 1.75” hard tires. This means the handle can be extended and the unit can be wheeled to its next destination. It is very similar to how you would transport a suitcase through the airport.

How difficult is it to use the CAPS?

To use the CAPS, simply connect the clamps to the jumpstart terminals or the battery of the vehicle, push the arming button on the CAPS, and crank the vehicle within 30 seconds. Once the vehicle starts, leave the CAPS connected for a few minutes so it can use the vehicle’s charging system to recharge the internal capacitor and AGM battery so it is ready for use on the next vehicle.

Safety is a #1 priority for my company. What safety features does the CAPS offer?

The CAPS is microprocessor controlled and monitors use for any unsafe operation. If the CAPS detects that the unit is incorrectly connected (reverse polarity, same polarity, or no polarity), the microprocessor will not allow the unit to be armed, protecting the operator, vehicle, and CAPS unit.

Are the clamps used on the CAPS machine unique?

The CAPS uses locking pliers or “vice-grip” style clamps. These allow for a more positive engagement during jumpstarts over comparable spring-loaded style clamps, which lose their clamping ability with use.

How do I maintain the CAPS so it is ready for use when needed?

The CAPS comes with a small battery charger that plugs into the unit via a key connection. Any time the CAPS is not in use, the charger should be plugged in so the internal battery and capacitor remain in a high state of charge and ready for use.

How do I know the CAPS is ready for use?

The CAPS is equipped with an LED indicator that shows when the unit is charged, discharged, charging, and armed. This allows the CAPS status to be easily checked at any time.

Can the CAPS be used to jumpstart a vehicle with a Maxwell Engine Starting Module (ESM)?

Yes. The CAPS can be used to jumpstart a vehicle equipped with a Maxwell ESM, if the following procedure is used:

  1. Check the status of the ESM installed in the vehicle by pushing the Push-to-Test button.
  2. If the LED is solid green*, connect the CAPS to the vehicle batteries and follow the CAPS jumpstart procedure.

*If the ESM in the vehicle does not display a solid green indicator when the Push-to-Test procedure is followed, the vehicle batteries are likely discharged and a battery charger or service vehicle should be connected to the vehicle battery pack for charging. Once the ESM achieves a solid green LED, the vehicle can be started normally. This may take 5 to 30 minutes of charging time.