Product Overview

Purkeys developed the Pack Accelerated Charger (PAC™), a heavy-duty truck battery charger, to provide fleets a way to quickly and safely charge up to eight batteries at once, without having to take them out of the vehicle.

The PAC produces 100 amps of power for an extended amount of time; which can cut charging time in half. It also charges all the batteries in a pack at the same time and monitors the voltage to avoid overcharge.

The PAC comes with a user-friendly, intuitive selection menu and rugged, sure-grip, no-slip clamps. It is designed to be maneuverable through tight spaces.

PAC Benefits

  • Can produce 100 amp output in bulk charge mode
  • Includes safety features to protect from over-charging
  • Comes with rugged, sure-grip, no-slip clamps
  • Charges AGM and flooded cell batteries
  • Cuts charge time in half
  • Charges up to eight batteries without taking them out of the vehicle

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What is a PAC?

PAC is an acronym that stands for Pack Accelerated Charger. The PAC is a high performance, automatic charger designed to safely and quickly charge trucks with up to 8 group-31 batteries. The PAC is capable of delivering up to 100 amps of charging current for extended periods of time.

How safe is the PAC?

The PAC has a built-in micro-processor that monitors the battery connections and charging process, making it extremely safe to use. If the unit detects no connection, reverse polarity, or other potential charging system problems, the unit will not turn on or will shut off.

Is the PAC complicated to use?

No. The PAC has a simple ON/OFF switch and a menu screen that allows the unit to query the operator for the necessary charging information. Once all the needed data is provided, the charger automatically turns on, provides updates on remaining charge times/battery state of charge, and shuts off automatically. The charge cycle can be ended at any time by turning the unit off.

Does the PAC require a special electrical hook-up?

Because the PAC is an extremely high performance charger, the unit should be connected to a dedicated 30 A circuit. The PAC power cord is equipped with a L5-30 P 30 A 125 V (twist lock) plug, which requires the use of a L5-30 R (twist lock) wall receptacle.

Can I use an extension cord with the PAC?

The PAC can be used with an extension cord, but the cord must be rated at 30 A (or more) and have an L5-30 P plug on one end and a L5-30 R receptacle on the other.