By Purkeys | Dec 7, 2016

Purkeys’ Pack Accelerated Charger (PAC™) can help fleets keep batteries at a good state of charge during cold winter months.

A fully-charged battery will perform well in cold weather. Fleets will start to see problems when their batteries become severely discharged.

It is well known that cold weather makes it harder to crank a motor. This, added to the extra loads from heaters and other equipment, can strain heavy-duty vehicle batteries.

Using the PAC is an excellent way for fleets to keep batteries at a high state of charge. This 100 amp continuous charger is compatible with AGM and flooded cell batteries. It also shows how long it will take batteries to charge, based on voltage and number of batteries being charged.

The PAC has the ability to charge up to eight batteries simultaneously without removing them from the vehicle. The 100 amp continuous charger decreases recharge time, which can be especially nice during winter.

The PAC is a tool that every fleet can benefit from because it keeps batteries charged and trucks on the road.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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