By Purkeys | Nov 16, 2016

Fleets have trouble keeping batteries fully charged in cold weather. Batteries produce energy through a chemical reaction. As temperatures drop, so does the rate of reaction. This contributes to batteries producing less energy. If batteries don’t produce enough energy to meet the cranking requirements, fleets will have trouble starting their vehicles.

This leaves fleets with two choices: constantly replace discharged batteries or invest in a good recharging station. Purkeys’ 6-Station Battery Charger is the perfect solution for fleets that are looking for a way to organize their recharge area, and automate the recharging process.

This device has six separate channels so up to six batteries can be charged at a time. It automatically charges each battery and protects from over- charging. The LED indicators for each set of leads show technicians when the battery is charging and when charging is complete. The charger works with both flooded cell and AGM batteries.

The Multi-station Battery Charger is easy to use. Technicians simply have to plug it in and, properly connect it to the battery; the charger does all the rest. It can also be mounted to the wall to save space and help organize the recharging area.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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