Multi-Station Battery Charger


Multi-Station Battery Charger

Product Overview

Charge up to six batteries with this charger. Purkeys’ 6-Station Battery Charger is an automatic multi-station, 5 amp battery charger. Add it to your fleet’s equipment inventory to quickly and safely charge and maintain batteries with this charger.

Purkeys’ automatic charging station is ideal for fleets that want to save on space, but not skimp on power. The automatic charger is designed to prevent overcharging and reduce charging time without compromising safety. Each charging port works independently in the multi station charger.

Charger Benefits

  • Charges multiple batteries at once
  • Includes built-in safety features
  • Works with AGM and flooded cell batteries
  • Automates charging processes
  • Guides technicians with easy-to-read LED indicators

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What is the 6-Station Charger?

The 6-Station Charger is a fully automatic, stationary battery charger designed to charge up to six AGM or flooded cell lead acid batteries.

How much current can each station on the charger provide?

Each station on the charger can provide up to 5 amps of charging current.

How do I know when a battery is charged or still charging?

The 6-Station Charger is equipped with an LED indicator for each charging station. Noting the condition of the LED will show if the battery has reached a full charge or if it is still charging.

Is the 6-Station Charger easy to operate?

Yes, the 6-Station charger is easy to operate. After the unit is mounted and plugged-in, simply connect the charger leads to the battery, noting the polarity, and the charger will automatically begin and end the charging process, requiring no intervention by the operator.

If I want to reduce the charging time of a battery, can I connect more than one charge station to a battery?

Yes, two or more charge stations can be connected to a battery to increase charging current and decrease single battery charging times.

Can the 6-Station Charger be moved around the shop to charge batteries in a vehicle?

No, the 6-Station Charger is designed to be permanently mounted in a charging area and not to be moved around the shop. If a mobile charger is needed, the PAC charger should be considered. Visit for further details.

Can I leave a battery on the 6-Station Charger without damaging it?

Yes, a battery can be left on the charger for extended periods (days) if necessary, without damaging it. Since the charger is automatic, the unit will stop the charging process once the battery reaches a full charge, preventing battery damage.