Product Overview

Purkeys developed the Multimeter Training Unit™ (MTU™) to give technicians hands-on multimeter training in a classroom.

The MTU™ is a tool that simulates a wide range of troubleshooting scenarios. It teaches technicians common multimeter functions like how to measure voltage drop, resistance, frequency, state of charge, current, and more.

There is supplemental training information available for the MTU™ on Purkeys YouTube channel. The MTU™ is perfect for testing and practicing the skills needed for using a multimeter.

Benefits include:

  • Customizable settings
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable carrying case

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What is an MTU?

MTU is an acronym that stands for Multimeter Training Unit. The MTU is a training tool used to help anyone become competent with the use of a multimeter. The MTU can also be used to test a person’s ability to use a multimeter.

Why was the MTU created?

In order to be effective at diagnosing and resolving electrical problems, a person must first be familiar with using a multimeter. The MTU was created to help anyone learn how to use a multimeter better so they can become proficient at diagnosing and resolving electrical problems.

How does the MTU help someone become more competent when using a multimeter?

The MTU has various areas that can be used in conjunction with a multimeter. These areas include: battery state of charge vs. open circuit voltage, alternator ripple voltage, frequency, millivolts, voltage drop, resistance, and pulse width modulation. Each section challenges a person to set up the multimeter correctly and then measure the values. Correct readings mean competence has been achieved. Incorrect values mean further training is needed.

Does the MTU have multiple settings for testing?

Yes. The MTU has multiple settings for testing. To change resistance values, the back cover of the MTU can be removed and adjusted. This allows different results to occur, so the same tool used for training can also be used for testing, with different test results.