By Purkeys | Nov 30, 2015


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Some maintenance concerns are easily seen but some like electrical issues can be hard to diagnose. To help see exactly what is going on in a vehicle’s electrical system, Purkeys developed the Mobile Data Acquisition unit, or MODAC.

MODAC devices attach to different locations along the electrical system and take multiple readings every minute. When there is activity, like the tractor being started, the MODACs store the data. After a period of time, the MODACs are removed and the data is downloaded and analyzed so they can develop an electrical profile of the vehicle. The MODAC helps fleets save time and money by removing the guesswork of electrical diagnostics. They can also head off problems before they occur.

Anyone can purchase a recorder, but the expert analysis is the true service. The electrical profile is examined by an electrical expert and allows Purkeys to make well-educated recommendations on how to solve tough electrical problems.

Customers have been pleased with the MODAC because they can budget and plan more effectively, making more accurate and effective decisions. It provides the data needed for Purkeys to develop better products, giving fleets what they need without question.