Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter


Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter

Product Overview

Identify parasitic loads with this clip-on ammeter. Purkeys’ Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter is an easy-to-use device for accurately measuring low current in electrical systems. It is an extremely accurate ammeter that measures parasitic loads without disconnecting the circuit.

Purkeys’ electrical clip-on ammeter measures current through the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the conductor. Simply clip the circuit ammeter’s interlocking jaws around a wire to get an accurate measurement up to 40 amps.

Ammeter Benefits

  • Circuit ammeter measures up to 4000 mA or up to 40 A (based on the rotary switch setting)
  • Reads current without breaking circuit
  • Helps find parasitic loads

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What is a Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter?

The Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter is a high resolution “clip-on” ammeter that can accurately measure currents as small as a few milliamps.

What can the Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter be used for?

The Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter is useful for measuring very small DC currents without the need to break into the circuit being checked. A good example is measuring parasitic drains on a vehicle battery by simply clipping the ammeter around the positive or negative battery cable for a measurement.

How is the Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter operated?

To use the Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter, turn the tool ON by setting it to the proper current range, zero the meter by pressing the ZERO button, and place the tool clamp around the conductor to be checked. The current value will be displayed on the tool readout.

What DC current ranges can the Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter accurately measure?

The Milliamp Clip-on Ammeter has a 0-4000 mA scale and a 0-40 A scale.