By Purkeys | Mar 11, 2015



The Midtronics Heavy-Duty Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform is capable of fast, accurate testing for heavy-duty and commercial applications. Although it is useful for testing batteries, the device can do much more, such as testing alternators, starters, and voltage drops.

According to Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe, the Midtronics device actually measures a battery’s conductance. A battery must be a very good conductor if it’s going to produce 700-900 amps of current at 12V, and its ability to conduct is a pretty good indicator of its state of health. This tester electronically checks a battery’s ability to conduct electricityand then, based on those values, it provides readings that indicate whether the battery is good, bad, good but in need of recharge or unknown.

According to Purkeys’ Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey, the device is important because “When you’re checking the electrical charging system, there’s a sequential way you have to do it.” Purkeys has worked with Midtronics to develop systems that will allow fleets to do this quickly and efficiently, saving fleets time and ensuring their vehicles’ electrical systems work properly.