Product Overview

Purkeys assembled the Electrical Tool Kit to help technicians test and diagnose a variety of electrical issues with heavy-duty vehicles.

This is an all-in-one kit that helps technicians troubleshoot every aspect of an electrical system. It comes with a heavy-duty industrial multimeter, a wide-range mini IR thermometer, a bead wire type K temperature probe, a mini DC clamp meter, and general purpose test leads.

Benefits include:

  • Simple testing of entire electrical systems
  • Increased equipment life, with proper maintenance
  • Multiple tools for precise diagnosis of electrical parts and problems

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What is an Electrical Tool Kit?

The Electrical Tool Kit is a collection of the most common electrical tools needed by a technician to perform electrical diagnostics. This includes a digital multimeter, a clip-on ammeter, and an infrared temperature sensor. All these tools are housed in a plastic case for protection and easy storage.

Why was the Electrical Tool Kit created?

The Electrical Tool Kit was created to provide technicians with a single kit with all the tools needed to do effective electrical diagnostics.

What are some of the common uses for the digital multimeter?

Common uses for the digital multimeter include:

  1. Measuring battery open circuit voltage to determine battery state of charge
  2. Measuring voltage regulator set point performance on a charging system
  3. Measuring voltage drop values on starting and charging systems
  4. Testing diodes
  5. Measuring coil resistance of relays, magnetic switches, and magnetic clutches
  6. Measuring electrical parasitic drains (less than 10 amps)

What are some of the common uses for the clip-on ammeter?

Common uses for the clip-on ammeter include:

  1. Measuring alternator output current (less than 400 amps)
  2. Measuring charging current into a battery
  3. Measuring discharge current out of a battery
  4. Measuring the current of any electrical load (lights, coils, motors, etc.)

What are some common uses for an infrared temperature sensor?

Common uses for an infrared temperature sensor include:

  1. Measuring the temperature of a battery for testing purposes
  2. Measuring the temperature of an electrical connection to identify excessive resistance
  3. Measuring AC system components for diagnostic purposes