By Purkeys | Feb 15, 2013

How much electrical power do ac devices in your tractor actually consume? Too often drivers guess how much power their accessories require so they use an over rated or under rated inverter only to encounter issues. These can range from an inadequately rated inverter that cannot handle the load or one that consumes more current than necessary.

kill-a-watt-231x300Purkeys Fleet Electric recommends using a Kill-a-Watt Tester. It safely and accurately measures the current draw of ac-powered devices on the tractor.  Once you know the wattage requirement of the device(s) and provide our technicians with the information, we can then design the custom configuration and properly select the correct dc-ac power inverter for the application.

Simply plug ac powered devices into to the Kill A Watt®, which is also plugged into an ac outlet. It will help you assess power consumption by displaying the wattage, voltage or current of your devices.

With this information, you will be able to make better decisions on what ac powered accessories to use in your truck and decrease the amount of service calls due to inadequate power conditions.

For more information about acquiring a Kill-a-Watt Meter for your fleet, please contact one of our technical experts today.