By Purkeys | Oct 21, 2013


LNB(1)In the fleet industry, time is money. Purkeys Fleet Electric understands the importance of managing that time, which is why we’re pleased to re-introduce our Lightning In A Box (LNB) Jump Start Machine.

After years of being absent from the market, we felt it was time to bring back the Lightning in a Box Jump Start Machine.  Our proprietary technology is now made in-house, according to our specifications to meet and exceed your needs.  This replaces the Fleet Start machine.

After looking at the market, we felt it was the right time to bring the product back in-house and perfect its design and usage.  We now have a greater control over its production and all its components.  This allows us to sell you the best product on the market at the lowest price!


About Lightning In A Box

Lightning In A Box is the safest, fastest and most powerful portable jumpstart machine on the market—offered to you at a fraction of the cost of other jumpstart machines. This device will start your heavy-duty vehicle in 15 seconds or less, getting you back where you need to be—on the road—thanks to four 31 AGM batteries fueling 44,000 watts of power.

LNB’s built-in polarity protection ensures a proper hookup every time, and for your convenience, the device is available as a vehicle-mounted system or a portable roll-around unit. Compared to gas-powered competitors, LNB boasts a longer life expectancy, lower maintenance costs at alower purchase price. The perfect solution to cutting costs without sacrificing quality!

The only OEM approved jumpstart device on the market, LNB will perform multiple jumpstarts before needing to be recharged. When it is time to recharge, you simply plug in LNB to a standard 110 volt electrical outlet, and can be programmed to meet specific needs. Safety features ensure the device will not operate if connected backwards, and also include no-spark hookup and disconnect.

Heavy-duty clamps capable of carrying high current, and are designed to access the battery’s lead pad without removing cables. LNB holds more than 20 feet of cable for easy hookup, and a push button controller with recoil cable.

Purkey’s Fleet Electric, the leader in heavy duty electrical systems solutions, continues to keep your fleet on the road—call us today!