Inverter Harness clipped B-P808-1003


Product Overview

With Purkeys’ custom-designed harnesses, trucks can power their systems efficiently and easily. Now your fleet can:

  • Increase productivity and workflow by eliminating unnecessary work
  • Support multiple devices, simplified with plug-and-play technology
  • Perfectly meet specifications with custom-designed and engineered harnesses

Harness Benefits

All inverter harnesses come in a complete kit that includes detailed installation instructions and parts such as:

  • Cable strain reliefs
  • Pass-through mounting plate with dome nuts
  • Cables sized to wattage requirements
  • Special insulated and flexible cable
  • Appropriately sized fuse to prevent thermal incidents
P808-1002 1/0 11’ RED 10’ BLACK 6’ CHASSIS
P808-1003 1/0 7’ RED 5.7’ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1003-SCR 1/0 8’ RED 6.7’ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1004FC 1/0 10’ RED 10’ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1005FC 1/0 8.5’ RED 8.5′ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1016FC 1/0 15’ RED 15’ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1018FC 1/0 11’ RED 11’ BLACK 5’ CHASSIS
P808-1020FC 1/0 10.5’ RED 10.5’ BLACK 3’ CHASSIS
P808-1022FC 1/0 8.58’ RED 7.5’ BLACK 3’ CHASSIS

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Purkeys warrants each product to be free of defects in material workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty benefits the customer and covers products made by Purkeys and sold by Purkeys or their authorized dealers. The warranty period is 24 months. This warranty is not valid if the product is not used correctly or is  altered without written consent. Defective products must be inspected by Purkeys as part of the warranty claims process. The warranty will not apply if the product is subjected to an accident, faulty repair, improper installation, neglect, or defects in the peripheral vehicle components.

Why should I purchase a Purkeys’ Harness for my inverter?

There are two important reasons to use a Purkeys’ Harness with your inverter. The first is safety, as all Purkeys harnesses are properly assembled for electrical protection. This ensures that no fusing or incorrect fusing can lead to an inoperative inverter or a fire safety hazard. Second, Purkeys Harnesses are properly sized for cable length and gauge to make sure they fit the inverter and vehicle application. This ensures proper inverter operation and eliminate problems caused by undersized wiring.