Handheld Electrical Tester


Handheld Electrical Tester

Product Overview

Test everything from the palm of your hand with a handheld tester. Purkeys’ Handheld Electrical Analyzer is a portable, automated electric tester that guides technicians through testing commercial grade electrical systems.

Purkeys’ electric power tester has multiple leads for conducting preventative maintenance checks, battery tests, and much more. It applies a 40 to 120 amp load when testing for voltage drop. It is optimized for AGM and flooded cell batteries.

This commercial electric voltage tester from Purkeys is a battery tester and will test cranking systems, charging systems, liftgate charging systems, and voltage drop.

Electric Tester Benefits

  • Tests truck and trailer electrical systems quickly
  • Automates diagnosing and testing processes
  • Guides technicians through entire testing process
  • Includes durable, reliable parts and rugged casing

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What is the Handheld Tester?

The Handheld Tester is a portable electrical analyzer designed to easily and accurately test vehicle batteries, starting systems, charging systems, and the associated circuitry.

How does the Handheld Tester check a battery?

The Handheld Tester measures the internal resistance of the battery and places a moderate load on the battery. The resulting data, along with the battery chemistry, temperature, cold cranking amps, and state of charge, is used to determine the battery condition.

Can the Handheld Tester check AGM batteries?

Yes, the Handheld Tester has specific programming for testing both flooded cell and AGM lead acid batteries, including a specific program for Odyssey AGM batteries.

How does the Handheld Tester check the starting system?

The Handheld Tester measures starting system performance by monitoring system voltage while the vehicle is cranking. The resulting data is used to determine if the starting system is operating properly or in need of further testing.

How does the Handheld Tester check the charging system?

The Handheld Tester measures charging system performance by monitoring system voltage while the vehicle is operating at various speeds and load conditions. The resulting data, along with the performance rating of the alternator in amperage, is used to determine the charging system condition.

How does the Handheld Tester perform a voltage drop test?

When both the large and small test leads are connected to the circuit being tested, the Handheld Tester will draw a specified current through the test circuit and measure the voltages at the test leads. The resulting data, along with current data provided on the circuit being tested, is used to determine the voltage drop of a certain circuit.

Can the Handheld Tester be used to test other electrical systems?

Yes, the Handheld Tester has functions for testing liftgate power and charging systems on trucks and trailers as well as a “generic” voltage drop feature that allows it to perform a voltage drop on any circuit that has a significant level of current (20 amps or greater).

Does the Handheld tester store test results, and can the data be printed or downloaded?

Yes, the Handheld tester stores the last 80 test results (the most recent), which can be viewed on the tester, printed using an IR printer, or downloaded onto a PC with the use of the appropriate software and cabling.