Product Overview

Purkeys developed the Dual Shield™ Low Voltage Disconnect to give electrical systems on heavy-duty vehicles two levels of protection: low voltage disconnect and timed disconnect.

This device provides a single source, with multiple protected ports, for adding aftermarket electrical products. It is perfect for vehicles that need a GPS, cameras, lights, safety devices, etc.

The Dual Shield™ will disconnect all extra electrical devices when they cause the batteries to reach a low state of charge. This adjustable 12 V low voltage and timed disconnect device can save battery life and reduce no-start situations.


  • Counters parasitic loads
  • Includes timed disconnect and low voltage disconnect options
  • Provides multiple, fuse-protected junctions from one source
DSLVD-01 Multi Channel
DSLVD-02 Single Channel

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What is the Dual Shield LVD?

The Dual Shield eliminates vehicle jumpstarts caused by additional electrical equipment that discharge the battery(s) over extended periods of time.

How does the Dual Shield work?

The Dual Shield monitors battery state of charge and time until charged. When the ignition key is turned OFF, if the battery state of charge becomes low or sufficient time has passed, the Dual Shield will disconnect any electrical device connected to it. This reduces battery discharge and maintains battery state of charge. When the ignition switch is turned ON, the Dual Shield provides power to the device(s) connected to it, allowing them to operate normally.

How is the Dual Shield installed?

The Dual Shield unit is mounted in a convenient location on the vehicle with wiring connected to battery power, ground, switched ignition, and the electrical devices to be controlled. Each kit contains mounting hardware and detailed mounting instructions.

How many electrical devices can be connected to the Dual Shield?

The Single Channel Dual Shield uses one relay to control four circuits. Each of the four circuits is fused with the first circuit at 40 amps and the remaining three at 10 amps each, for a maximum of 70 amps of electrical load. The Dual Channel Dual Shield uses two relays to control four circuits. Each of the four circuits are fused with the first circuit at 40 amps and the remaining three at 15 amps each, for a maximum of 85 amps of electrical load.

Does the operator have to do anything to make the Dual Shield operate?

No. The Dual Shield operates automatically and requires no operator intervention. It automatically protects the vehicle batteries from discharges caused by additional electrical accessories.

How long will it take to install a Dual Shield on a vehicle?

Installation times can vary, based upon the vehicle, mounting locations, and number of electrical devices being controlled. A typical first-time installation takes approximately four hours. Subsequent installations on similar vehicles take less time.