By Purkeys | Aug 8, 2014


Battery warranties are a good way to compliment a fleet’s battery management program. While a warranty contract will add some additional upfront costs and require extra battery documentation, it’s an extremely valuable investment with major benefits. Calculating the cost of a battery into a monthly expense for the duration of the warranty can help fleets see the savings in the long run.

For example, a $200 battery with a 4 year warranty will come out to about $4 a month over the course of 48 months. The same $200 battery with a 12 month warranty costs about $16 a month. With a longer warranty, fleets can get more service on their batteries. To get the most out of a warranty contract, fleets must be sure to keep up with regular maintenance and documentation.

Purkeys will help monitor a fleet’s battery usage – including warranty claims ensuring the fleet is maximizing the benefits. This first step is to keep organized records. Some important points to document are:

  • Know the specific warranty period
  • Know the test procedures required by your battery manufacturer
  • The battery install date drives the warranty, NOT the battery manufacture date, so make sure install date is marked on each battery
  • Know the specific requirements for warranty claim documentation

Battery distributors expect fleets to monitor and report the batteries’ history in order to get a warranty claim. Purkeys sales and services engineers provide ongoing support to ensure all battery warranty claims are handled properly. They train technicians on the floor and in the battery room. Additionally, the Purkeys team monitors the number of batteries purchased, submitted for claims, and how much money is recovered. Good documentation records and keeping up with maintenance can reduce a fleet’s battery expenses over time.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into Purkeys full-service battery program? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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