By Purkeys | Aug 29, 2014



Purkeys has created a programmable data logger that can record a variety of electrical events to help fleets diagnose issues that are difficult to detect. This data logger is most commonly known as MODAC, or Mobile Data Acquisition. Once installed, it records 10 readings per second for a month and provides the necessary information to find exact problems quickly.  A MODAC removes the guesswork, which leads to a fast, productive solution that can reduce a fleet’s electrical costs over time.

The MODAC has the ability to record:

  • Battery and alternator voltages
  • The current in two circuits
  • Temperature
  • Start events

Once all of the data has been recorded Purkeys will retrieve the MODAC and begin to develop operating profiles for the specific components being tested. All of the data is analyzed to determine where the issues are. Some of the components the MODAC looks at are:

  • Liftgates
  • Trucks
  • Electric pallet jacks

Purkeys develops a research plan based on the specific needs of a client. The data gathered is then made into charts and graphs in an easy to read format that will show the client exactly where the problem areas are. The final step is to develop a plan to fix the issues, begin helping fleets reduce costs, and keep trucks on the road.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into Purkeys full-service battery program? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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