Product Overview:

The DIRECT nosebox line combines all the best features of our original liftgate charging systems with a solution that saves you space on the trailer by integrating the liftgate charging system into a nosebox. There are three options available: the MAX, FLEX, and PLUS.

The DIRECT nosebox line also includes an interior light control (harness and relay sold separately) that allows the driver to select whether the lights remain on for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. This lets the driver work as needed inside the trailer while ensuring that the batteries will not become depleted by the interior lights.

Self-contained liftgate charging system housed in a nosebox. X X X
Boosts voltage through a DC/DC converter to fully charge liftgate batteries faster and overcome the voltage drop from the tractor to the liftgate batteries. X X X
Maximizes battery life and allows the liftgate to work more efficiently. X X X
Features an easy-to-read LED display that clearly shows the status of the charging source and the liftgate batteries, helping drivers and technicians quickly determine any problems with batteries or power path. X X X
Draws power exclusively from the 7-way aux pin to automatically regulate liftgate battery charging. X
Draws power from the tractor via multiple paths (dual pole or 7-way) and automatically detects the best path. X X
Maximizes the time liftgate batteries can charge after the tractor has been shut off, without compromising the ability to start the engine. X X
Adds parallel charging paths from the truck to the battery box, offering more aggressive charging in severe service applications while still extending the time that liftgate batteries can charge after the tractor has been shut off. X

The DIRECT™ Nosebox Line is a Good Match for Fleets that:

  • Use the same power connection for all tractor/trailers
  • Need an extra boost to optimize charge time
  • Make multiple stops during a route and want liftgate batteries to charge faster

Purkeys’ DIRECT line meets all power liftgate charging requirements. There are different kits available to meet specific financial or technical needs. Summary of available charge sources:


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