Mar 15

New Online Tool Helps Fleets Compare Liftgate Charging Systems

The Purkeys website offers a new online feature to help fleets select the best liftgate charging system for their specific application. After fleets provide the requested information, the Purkeys’ Comparison Tool offers customized solutions as to which liftgate charging system will most efficiently charge their liftgate batteries. To discover which liftgate battery charging system is...

Jul 20

Liftgate Double Check Tests the 7-Way and the Tractor

Fleets with liftgate charging systems that use a 7-way can sometimes have issues getting adequate power to their charging systems. Many technicians will try to measure the power by unplugging the 7-way and using a voltmeter to check the pins in that cord for voltage. But this only provides them with the voltage and not...

Jun 01

Test the Tractor and 7-way with Purkeys Liftgate Double Check

The 20 Amp Applied Load Module is a useful accessory that comes with Purkeys’ Liftgate Double Check. It gives technicians the ability to perform a load test on their vehicles. This tool works in conjunction with the Liftgate Double Check to help make sure the tractor is going to have sufficient energy to charge liftgate...

May 26

The Purkeys Advantage

Liftgate Charging Awareness Month is coming to its end. So, we have decided to wrap things up with a good summary of the advantages of a Purkeys liftgate charging system. Liftgate charging systems help decrease downtime caused by severely discharged liftgate batteries. For example, look at Purkeys’ SELECT and DIRECT liftgate charging systems. 7-Way Both systems...

May 19

Purkeys’ Introduces the Liftgate Double Check

Purkeys’ Liftgate Double Check (LDC) makes it easier for drivers and technicians to check the charging system for their liftgate batteries. “This tool makes it easy to test the liftgate charging system from a wide variety of vehicles,” said Rylar Masco, Purkeys’ National Original Equipment Manufacturer Representative. “The Liftgate Double Check gives you an easy...

May 11

Purkeys’ Liftgate Charging Selection Tool

The right liftgate charging system can add productivity and decrease downtime for fleets. But which system is the right one? Purkeys will soon release a Liftgate Charging Comparison Tool, which will compare and calculate the best liftgate charging system. It will show which systems meet the needs of fleets with liftgates. The tool will have a...

May 04

Purkeys Announces Liftgate Charging Awareness Month

Purkeys has designated May as Liftgate Charging Awareness Month. The purpose for this is to raise awareness about the importance of liftgate charging systems. Since liftgate batteries are located near the back of trailers, the cables have to run long distances to reach them, and the voltage drop is significant by the time the current...

Dec 09

Find the Right Liftgate Charging System for the Right Application

The concept of charging a battery is simple. There must be higher voltage to push against the battery to force charge into it in order to keep it fully charged. The challenge comes from developing a charging system that matches the usage profile for every application. Purkeys has developed a liftgate charging system that can...

May 11

Liftgate Voltage Drop Test Task Force Close to Completing the RP

Liftgate batteries are charged when the truck is connected to the trailer. Since the batteries are usually close to the back of a trailer, long cables are needed to charge them. When current has to travel a long distance, it is going to lose some of its strength along the way; this is called voltage...

Jan 29

Having Trouble Keeping Liftgate Batteries Charged?

  Purkeys’ New Liftgate Charging Systems Increase Charge Time   One of the biggest challenges for fleets with liftgates is keeping the liftgate batteries charged. According to Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe, the reasons for this difficulty can be broken up into two categories. First, because liftgate batteries are typically located at the...