Jun 28

Just Like Home, Wherever You Roam

Our Invert™ Pure Sine Wave inverters with DynaBalance™ monitoring technology are here! Purkeys has a long history of creativity and quality in the market, and we continue to strive for both happy drivers and happy fleets. Our products aim to achieve that balance and our new inverters are no different. These new inverters give drivers...

May 24

Liftgates Run Faster, Longer with Fewer Road Calls: A Case Study

Does having a liftgate charging system really make that much of a difference? The simple answer to that is, yes, absolutely. In addition to the physical benefits of having a charging system (including decreased downtime and longer battery life), having a charging system saves you time and frustration. Liftgate batteries are notorious for having short...

May 17

Organize Your Battery Recharge Area

Every shop is set up a little bit differently, according to size, available space, and the preference of the shop manager. However, one thing that is consistent across most shops is the need for an easy way to organize the battery room. The goal of having a battery recharge area is twofold: First, you want...

May 10

Larry Rambeaux Celebrates 26 Years at Purkeys, Promotion to Sales Manager

Larry Rambeaux loves providing training on various industry topics and helping customers understand Purkeys products.   In the past few weeks, two important events have happened in Larry Rambeaux’s life—first, he was promoted to managing the sales team, and second, he completed his 26th year working for Purkeys! That’s quite the track record, especially considering...

May 03

The Importance of Springtime Battery Maintenance

The changing of the seasons is an important time for fleets as they get their trucks ready for the hot summer months. Fleets must ensure that trucks are ready to perform as needed with higher electrical demands and increased summer temperatures. An important step in readying trucks for summer is to ensure that batteries are...

Apr 26

How to Make a Good Crimp Every Time: 4 Best Practices

Wire crimping is a small part of a big process, however, when done incorrectly it can have large consequences on your day-to-day operations. This is because if a barrel and wire are not crimped properly, it creates an opening for external forces, such as moisture, to enter. This can cause your connection to corrode or...

Apr 19

Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer isn’t quite here yet, but it is coming up fast! Are your trucks ready? Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn about using solar power as a supplemental charge source. While solar is not yet reliable as a lone power source, it is a great source of supplemental charging—especially for vehicles and trailers that...

Apr 12

Providing You with World-Class Service Since 1990

We’re celebrating 28 years in the heavy-duty trucking industry this month! Over the years, our business model has adapted to the needs of the industry—starting out working with batteries and alternators, then adapting to manufacture innovative product solutions to help charge and protect batteries and other cool stuff. Our solutions help maximize your efficiency—a task...

Apr 05

Liftgate Charging System Installation Checklist

Keeping your liftgate batteries in tip-top condition is key to keeping your truck on the road. An improperly installed liftgate charging system can result in dead liftgate batteries, which leads to unwanted down time. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the installation of a liftgate charging system is done properly. Whether you’re an OE...

Mar 29

4 Years as CEO: The Man Behind the Title

While Purkeys will be celebrating 28 years in the heavy-duty trucking industry this coming April, Justin Purkey (son of founder Bruce Purkey, shown in picture above) celebrated his 4-year anniversary as CEO this month. We asked him to share something about his experiences and goals, as well as to share his personal thoughts about Purkeys...