Oct 18

Features of the New DIRECT™ Line

Our new DIRECT™ line combines all the best features of our original charging systems with a solution that saves you space on the trailer by integrating the liftgate charging system into a nosebox. Key features of these systems include: DIRECT™ PLUS Draws power from the 7-way aux pin to automatically regulate liftgate battery charging Keeps...

Oct 12

Purkeys’ New Generation of the DIRECT™ Liftgate Charging System

The secret is out…the DIRECT™ liftgate charging system is moving in with the nosebox! Purkeys has been offering liftgate charging solutions for 15 years, but fleets are finding that there are too many devices taking up space on the front of the trailer. So we’ve worked to fix that problem with our new generation of...

Sep 26

Features of the AWARE

The AWARE™ is an audio interface management system—integrating with the speaker system of your truck and routing messages from your telematics alert system through the cab speakers. Utilizing a wireless connection and simple plug-and-play installation, Purkeys has embedded simple and elegant features, like a hands-free calling interface and audio signal priority. Let’s dive into what...

Sep 19

Purkeys Offers New AWARE

We are excited to announce the addition of a new product to our line of electrical solutions! The AWARE™  is an audio interface management system that integrates with the speaker system of a truck and routes messages from your telematics alert system through the speakers. It also allows for an optional wireless connection to a...

Sep 13

Top 5 Tips for Keeping your Liftgate Batteries Operating in Tip-Top Shape

Keeping liftgate batteries in good health is important for the productivity of your liftgate—bad batteries mean problems for the driver and loss of time and money for the fleet. So we’ve compiled the top five things you can do to make sure your batteries aren’t going to fail when you need them most. Tip #1:...

Sep 06

Join Us on Social Media!

We’ve started actively engaging on social media—and we want you to join us! With our 25+ years of experience in the heavy-duty trucking industry, we’ve learned a lot of tricks that can help you keep your batteries charged and protected. And we want to share them with you. That’s why we’ve decided to get more...

Aug 30

Solar Option Added to the Comparison Tool

In the spirit of constant progress, we have improved our online charging system Comparison Tool by adding a Solar Panel option. This allows our online tool to take into account the availability of solar powered charging on your vehicle. The Comparison Tool is an online application that determines how much energy is being removed from...

Aug 23

Purkeys New Solar Dash Product to Work on Trailers

While the Solar Dash™ 01 was designed to work with trucks, we knew that the trailer deserved some attention, too. The Solar Dash™ 03 functions in the same way as the Dash 01, but is meant primarily for reefer applications. However, other special applications, such as dump trailer batteries, can also utilize the Dash 03....

Aug 16

Solar Dash™ Keeps Your Vehicles Ready to Roll

Our Solar Dash™ is a solar-powered battery charging system that keeps inactive trucks ready to roll by providing converted solar energy to the batteries. If you’ve ever had to leave a truck on your lot for extended periods of time, you know that batteries don’t stay charged forever. The Solar Dash is placed on the...

Aug 08

Purkeys’ Solar Bolt™ Keeps Liftgate Batteries Performing at Their Best

A liftgate that runs is a liftgate that saves you time and money. A liftgate that doesn’t run can cause a world of unnecessary and expensive problems. We provide an efficient solution to maintaining a strong state of charge in liftgate batteries. The Solar Bolt™ uses solar energy to keep liftgate and auxiliary batteries charged,...