Jan 11

Life Lessons from Rylar

As many of you know, Account Representative Rylar Masco is leaving Purkeys and beginning a new career.  Many of you have had the opportunity to interact with Rylar over the past four years, and have found him to be friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate. Always a charismatic member of the Purkeys family, we are all equally...

Jan 11


The Multimeter Training Unit (MTU)™ helps fleets train technicians on diagnosing heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems with a multimeter by allowing the technicians to practice their multimeter skills in a controlled environment. “One of the main benefits of using the MTU,” explains Purkeys Chief Engineer Dale Henningson, “is the unit’s portability and ease of use. The MTU...

Dec 05

PAC Helps Batteries Charge Through the Cold

A fully-charged battery will perform well in cold weather—it’s when the batteries become severely discharged that fleets will start to see problems. It is well known that cold weather makes it harder to crank a motor. This, added to the extra loads from heaters and other equipment, can strain heavy-duty vehicle batteries. Purkeys’ Pack Accelerated...

Nov 20

Winterizing Your Trailer Liftgate System

Last week, Bruce Purkey continued his winter preparation webinar series by sharing with us some tips and best practices for readying liftgate systems for winter. In his webinar, Bruce gave a simple, three-step process for preparing liftgate charging systems for winter: Test the Batteries Make sure the OCV is 12.4 volts or higher. Take the...

Nov 15

Double Checking Your Liftgate Charging System

As with every part of your heavy-duty vehicle, your liftgate charging system needs to be tested not only at installation, but it also needs an occasional checkup to ensure that it’s performing properly. However, the challenge comes in having the needed tools and power source to accurately test a liftgate charging system. That’s where the...

Nov 09

Winterizing Your Tractor

Last week, Bruce Purkey shared with us some tips and best practices for readying the tractor for winter. In his webinar, Bruce referenced the Technology Maintenance Council (TMC) RP-129, which outlines an easy 1-2-3 approach to testing cranking and charging systems. Testing the Cranking System Disconnect all batteries and test with a quality tester Conduct...

Nov 02

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Running preventative maintenance tests on a regular basis (at least every 6 months) is an opportunity to help keep drivers from experiencing unexpected problems or getting stuck in situations with a bad battery, cable, or alternator. These tests also help identify voltage drop and other problems you may be experiencing. Preventative maintenance is particularly important...

Oct 26

Preparing Heavy-Duty Vehicles for Winter

Halloween is approaching, and winter isn’t far behind it! It won’t be long until cold weather hits in earnest and the yearly cycle of vehicle maintenance begins. In the heavy-duty trucking industry, it’s especially important not to skip winter-prepping your vehicles. As temperatures goes from hot to cold, vehicles that have started and functioned well...

Oct 18

Features of the New DIRECT™ Line

Our new DIRECT™ line combines all the best features of our original charging systems with a solution that saves you space on the trailer by integrating the liftgate charging system into a nosebox. Key features of these systems include: DIRECT™ PLUS Draws power from the 7-way aux pin to automatically regulate liftgate battery charging Keeps...

Oct 12

Purkeys’ New Generation of the DIRECT™ Liftgate Charging System

The secret is out…the DIRECT™ liftgate charging system is moving in with the nosebox! Purkeys has been offering liftgate charging solutions for 15 years, but fleets are finding that there are too many devices taking up space on the front of the trailer. So we’ve worked to fix that problem with our new generation of...