Apr 19

Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer isn’t quite here yet, but it is coming up fast! Are your trucks ready? Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn about using solar power as a supplemental charge source. While solar is not yet reliable as a lone power source, it is a great source of supplemental charging—especially for vehicles and trailers that...

Apr 12

Providing You with World-Class Service Since 1990

We’re celebrating 28 years in the heavy-duty trucking industry this month! Over the years, our business model has adapted to the needs of the industry—starting out working with batteries and alternators, then adapting to manufacture innovative product solutions to help charge and protect batteries and other cool stuff. Our solutions help maximize your efficiency—a task...

Apr 05

Liftgate Charging System Installation Checklist

Keeping your liftgate batteries in tip-top condition is key to keeping your truck on the road. An improperly installed liftgate charging system can result in dead liftgate batteries, which leads to unwanted down time. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the installation of a liftgate charging system is done properly. Whether you’re an OE...

Mar 29

4 Years as CEO: The Man Behind the Title

While Purkeys will be celebrating 28 years in the heavy-duty trucking industry this coming April, Justin Purkey (son of founder Bruce Purkey, shown in picture above) celebrated his 4-year anniversary as CEO this month. We asked him to share something about his experiences and goals, as well as to share his personal thoughts about Purkeys...

Mar 22

Preventing Water Intrusion in 2 Easy Steps

Keeping your liftgate up and running is high on your priority list—and ours too. That’s why preventative maintenance checks are so important, even for the small components on your truck. This week, make sure your Purkeys liftgate charging system is safe from water intrusion! Water intrusion in the liftgate battery box can cause electrical shorts...

Mar 15

Technology Maintenance Council 2018: Success!

We had a great time at TMC this year. A great big thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us at our booth! It was a pleasure meeting everyone and being able to demonstrate how our electrical solutions can help make your job easier. Also, congratulations to M. Allen Doub for winning our...

Mar 07

DIRECT™ Nosebox: One of a Kind Enclosure

Vehicles in the commercial trucking industry need equipment that is as heavy-duty as they are. That’s why we built our new DIRECT™ liftgate charging system/nosebox combo as rugged as the vehicle it goes on. The DIRECT nosebox is built from a durable, reinforced nylon, capable of easily withstanding the stresses it will experience on the...

Mar 01

DIRECT™ Line – Easy to Maintain, Easy to Use

Another advantage of the DIRECT™ line—in addition to combining the liftgate charging system with the nosebox to save space on the front of the trailer—is that it is easy to maintain, easy to work in, and easy to use. The inside of the enclosure is roomy and designed so that most of the connections are...

Feb 22

Severe Service with the DIRECT™ MAX

The distinguishing feature of the DIRECT MAX is that it includes the severe service option in addition to the features of the PLUS and FLEX versions of the DIRECT nosebox. To watch a video about the features of the PLUS and FLEX, click here. The severe service option is a connection from the dual pole...

Feb 14


Check out the above video to learn about the differences between the PLUS and FLEX! For a demonstration of how this product works, watch this free webinar.