By Purkeys | May 28, 2014

How Purkeys Saved Fleets from Losing Money on Wrecked Equipment



Several years ago, a trucking fleet was losing more than a million dollars in wrecked equipment each year because drivers would forget to set the park brake. The tractor would roll away and crash when it was detached from the trailer. At the time, tractors lacked a built-in alarm system. The number of new drivers hired each year made it difficult for training to fix the problem.


Purkeys designed and built an alarm system that was integrated into the tractor’s electrical system.  This system would:

  1. Use the voltage signal from the park brake to sense when the brake wasn’t set
  2. Send a signal when the driver’s door was opened indicating he was leaving the truck
  3. Sound the alarm after the signal was sent warning the door was open and the brake wasn’t set

Purkeys made a plug-and-play installation customized harness according to the fleet’s specifications. The alarm system also did not impact the other electrical components on the tractor.


The alarm system eliminated the loss of millions of dollars in wrecked equipment. It gave fleets and drivers confidence that the park brake had been set. It also eliminated the risk of injury and lawsuit because of an unset park brake. The alarm system could be quickly added to trucks.  Its adaptable and easy design allowed fleets to continue to add the alarm system to new trucks. This innovation validated Purkeys as a major influencer among truck manufactures. Many of them created similar systems after the Purkeys original design.

Do you have questions about brakes? Are you experiencing a problem with wrecked equipment? Are interested in learning more about Purkeys past and present product innovations?  We appreciate your comments below.

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