By Purkeys | Oct 25, 2016

It is well known that fleets perform more jumpstarts during the cold winter months. This happens because cold motors require more energy to start and the weather can cause batteries to produce less energy.

To combat these cold weather conditions, fleets need a jumpstarter that is powerful, portable, quick, and safe. Purkeys’ Capacitor Actuated Portable Stater (CAPS™) is a fleet’s best solution for this issue.

CAPS™ is great for the cold winter months because:

Powerful – It’s powered by an ultracapacitor, which supplies enough energy to jumpstart even the coldest of motors.

Quick – It has the ability to recharge from the tractor, so it can perform multiple jumpstarts consecutively.

Safe – CAPS™ has multiple built-in safety features, like reverse polarity detection, to keep itself, the vehicle, and the technician safe during a jumpstart.

Portable – CAPS™ comes in a rugged case with wheels and a handle. This helps technicians get    around easier and reduce the time it takes to jumpstart multiple vehicles, which is nice in freezing temperatures.

The CAPS™ is a great addition to any fleet. It works well in both warm and cold weather. CAPS™ makes jumpstarting faster and gets vehicles back on the road quickly.

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