BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System

BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System

BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System

Product Overview

Purkeys’ BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System ensures dump trailer batteries remain charged. It uses the truck’s power to charge dump trailer batteries while boosting voltage to provide fast, efficient charging. This system connects to a 7-way trailer harness and includes an at-a-glance indicator light. The BOSS maintains a high state of charge for dump trailer batteries, even in cold weather, thus increasing dump trailer battery reliability.

BOSS Benefits

  • Ensures dump trailer batteries remain charged
  • Boosts voltage for more efficient charging while on the road
  • Maintains a high state of charge, increasing dump trailer battery reliability
  • Includes at-a-glance indicator light
  • Compensates for temperature to provide optimal voltage
BOSS-01 Dump Trailer Charging System

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What is a BOSS Dump Trailer Charging System?

The BOSS system was designed to improve charging of a dump trailer battery by using a DC/DC converter to boost the voltage to optimally charge the battery. The battery on a dump trailer is used to operate the hydraulics that lift the bed of the trailer to dump the materials that are inside.

How will I know when the battery is fully charged?

The BOSS system is equipped with and easy-to-interpret LED that assures the operator of proper system function.

I run my dump trailer in some extremely cold temperatures, which really takes a toll on the dump trailer battery. Will the BOSS system be able to keep up?

The DC/DC converter on the BOSS system compensates for temperature and, when necessary, provides a higher voltage to the dump trailer battery to properly charge it.

How long does it take to install the BOSS system, and will I need to provide additional training to technicians?

No special training required. All parts required for this installation are included, along with easy-to-follow instructions. A technician with basic hand tools can easily install this system in less than ½ hour.

Will I have to do anything special to the vehicle I use to pull the dump trailer?

Nothing is required on the vehicle side, as long as it can connect to the dump trailer via normal trailer connections. The BOSS system is installed inside the dump trailer battery box and receives power from the vehicle via the trailer harness.

Will the BOSS system shorten the life of my truck’s alternator, since there are more amps going to the trailer batteries?

The addition of the BOSS should not shorten the life of the truck alternator. It utilizes a 10 amp DC/DC converter and will put an additional current load of approximately that amount on the vehicle for short periods of time when recharging the dump trailer battery. Most modern vehicle charging systems are capable of providing the power needed and maintaining good alternator life and performance.