Product Overview

Purkeys’ AWARE™ is an audio interface management system that integrates with the speaker system of a truck and routes messages from your telematics alert system through the speakers. It also allows for an optional microphone connection for hands-free use (mic sold separately).

The integrated AWARE system allows you to hear messages over the telematics system safely and easily, without having to turn the radio down or take your hands off the wheel. This makes hearing messages simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on driving while staying alert for changes to driving conditions.

With this system, the sound goes through the truck’s speakers, broadcasting messages clearly, as opposed to coming through the small speakers of the telematic system tablet. It also allows you to receive messages through the truck speakers when the radio is off.

The AWARE is a welcome addition to any truck cab, promising to make messages clearer and safer to receive, thus making life easier and assisting in driver retention.

Key Features

  • Relays messages wirelessly through the vehicle audio system
  • Uses plug-and-play technology for quick installation
  • Ensures the message is clear, even at freeway speeds
  • Relays messages through the truck speakers, even when the radio is off
  • Remains hidden after installation

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Purkeys warrants each product to be free of defects in material workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty benefits the customer and covers products made by Purkeys and sold by Purkeys or their authorized dealers. The warranty period is 24 months. This warranty is not valid if the product is not used correctly or is  altered without written consent. Defective products must be inspected by Purkeys as part of the warranty claims process. The warranty will not apply if the product is subjected to an accident, faulty repair, improper installation, neglect, or defects in the peripheral vehicle components.

What is a Direct Liftgate Charging System?

The Direct Liftgate Charging System uses a single input from the stinger or 7-way cord, an electronic controller, and a DC/DC converter to optimize charging voltage and extend battery charging times. LED indicators on the front of the controller show the liftgate battery and charging system status and alert of potential charging system problems.

How do Select and Direct Liftgate Charging Systems optimize charging voltage?

Direct and Select Liftgate Charging Systems optimize liftgate charging voltage in two ways. First, the DC/DC converter eliminates the voltage loss associated with traditional extended length dual and single pole charging circuits by raising the low-charging voltage to the correct level. Second, the DC/DC converter adjusts charging voltage based on temperature, with higher voltages in cold weather and lower voltages in hot weather. These two features ensure optimal charging voltage to maintain maximum battery state of charge for increased liftgate performance and battery life.

How do Select and Direct Liftgate Charging Systems extend battery charging times?

Direct and Select Liftgate Charging Systems can extend battery charging times by keeping the DC/DC converter on, even when the truck or refrigeration unit is turned off. This is done by the controller, which monitors the truck/reefer battery state of charge and only allows extended charging to occur if the truck/reefer batteries are at a high state of charge. When the controller detects the truck batteries becoming discharged, it turns off the DC/DC converter, protecting the truck from a possible no-start condition.

What is voltage drop?

Voltage drop is the loss in voltage in all or part of a circuit when electrical current is flowing. Voltage drop can only occur when current is flowing.

How long does it take to install a Select or Direct Liftgate Charging System, and will it require special tools or training?

All Select and Direct Liftgate Charging Systems come with comprehensive installation and troubleshooting guides that include detailed text and photos. No special tools or training are required. The guides can also be accessed on our website ( and Installation times vary, but first-time installations can generally be done in approximately 4 hours. Installations can be done in less than 4 hours once a technician becomes familiar with the process and trailers being worked on.

How do I know when the Select or Direct System is charging the liftgate batteries?

Select and Direct Systems have LED Indicators to assure the operator of proper system function. A properly charging system will have a Lift Battery and Source (Reefer, Stinger, or Aux) LEDs that are solid green when there is sufficient power available at one of the input sources.