By Purkeys | Sep 15, 2014


Heavy-duty trucking fleets may have to jump-start several tractors a day, especially in colder weather. Dead batteries at the terminal or on the road lead to an increase in expenses and decreased productivity. Purkeys easy to use jump-start machine, Lightning in a Box, has built in safety features and specially designed alligator clips that protect the unit, truck and operators.

Lightning in a Box is a powerful and sophisticated jump-start machine. The system provides almost 40,000 watts of power, but has been programmed with safety features that make it impossible for the machine to generate power when hooked up incorrectly. This protects a fleets’ most valuable assets – their people and their equipment.

In the same vein of customer convenience, Lightning in a Box has a flexible design that can be customized dependent upon need. It can have wheels or no wheels; can be housed in a service vehicle or in a garage that can be rolled up to the vehicle. The Purkeys design has internal components that are all attached to a hinged try, which enables easy access to the batteries. Purkeys also designed alligator clips just for Lightning in a Box, which can handle the tremendous amount of power.

Lightning in a Box jump-starts a truck in seconds, which reduces the time it takes to start the vehicle when compared to other jump-start units.  By getting trucks on the road faster, fleets will increase revenue and productivity.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for a jump-start unit? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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