5th Wheel Light


5th Wheel Light

Product Overview

Illuminate the king pin lock-jaw position with the 5th Wheel Light and reduce dropped trailers. This tractor trailer light makes it easier for drivers and technicians to verify that the tractor is properly connected to the trailer.

The 5th Wheel Light is a coupling light, or trailer hitch light, that eliminates shadows on the locking mechanisms and removes the need for a flashlight. The bright LED lights makes this task safer and easier for drivers by freeing their hands and allowing them to easily see the connection when coupling truck and trailer.

5th Wheel Light Benefits

  • Easy to install and use
  • Works automatically both day and night
  • Allows drivers to easily see proper coupling
  • Prevents catastrophic, expensive accidents
  • Makes driver’s job easier and safer
L00041 5th Wheel Light

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What is the 5th Wheel Light?

The 5th Wheel Light illuminates the king pin/5th wheel interface so it can be inspected for proper connection, allowing the operator to confirm that the 5th wheel is properly locked. This lowers the likelihood of dropped trailers.

How does the 5th Wheel Light work?

The 5th Wheel Light uses a powerful LED light mounted on the 5th wheel assembly and a control module that turns the LED light on when the vehicle is put into reverse. The LED light stays on for 15 minutes, allowing the operator to inspect the king pin/5th wheel interface for proper connection, and then turns off.

How is the 5th Wheel Light installed?

The 5th Wheel Light has an LED light, which is mounted on the 5th wheel assembly; a control module, which is mounted in a convenient area; and the associated wiring. Each kit contains all the necessary mounting hardware and detailed mounting instructions.

Does the operator have to turn the LED light on or off?

No, the operator does not have to turn the LED light on or off. The 5th Wheel Light uses a control module to turn the LED light on and off when needed. Any time the vehicle is in reverse, the control module turns the LED light on for 15 minutes, sufficient time for the driver to inspect the king pin/5th wheel interface.

Can the 5th Wheel Light be mounted on any 5th wheel assembly?

Yes, the 5th Wheel Light can be mounted on any 5th wheel assembly. Due to variations in 5th wheel design, the mounting location of the LED may vary, but the mounting bracket is universal and allows for these variations.